a weimaraner and her girl

i had been wanting to take some photos of us for a long time, i was just really resisting the fact that i was going to have to do it myself. after a couple of glasses of wine one night, i finally decided that we were going to do a little test shoot. it was a spontaneous test and i didn't even clean the room first or set up something more professional looking. i used the timer on the camera and we got in front of a convex security mirror, that has splattered varnish and white paint on it, and i didn't bother to clean it either.
it was a really quick session and mostly we were doing hi 5's and playing, and sometimes i was trying to get her to look towards the mirror or get closer to it. apparently we did a lot of kissing as well! i didn't know exactly when the capture was going to happen and i didn't know what we would be doing when it happened, so all of the photos are random.
i love them! they show so much about mukha~ how amazingly silly, smart, and loving she is, and how we interact with each other. this is exactly how we are. we have so much fun together.

i did a lot of processing and texturing. i used one of mine and some of others, with links to the others. plus there is the splattered paint textures on the mirror.



doing nothing
this was an accidental shot taken while i was metering. i think it's awesome because this is so how we are, we are just doing our thing here and mukha is right by my side! i couldn't even dream of a better friend than mukha! i'm so lucky to have her always by my side :)
leschick's texture adds to our busy~ness and accentuates the messy room and my wife beater shirt. it's funny, i think.

about to do a hi 5
she makes such a cute face before and while she does one :)
jaiel's texture

m a g i c
not sure what's going on here, but it looks magical. like fairy dust and falling stars.
either we are about to hi5, already did one, or we failed..
az textures

what's next?
she is such a smart girl.
i love how connected we are.
i love her expression~ her eyes and her funny mouth :)
i think this is my texture used twice, differently

l o v e
i love this one so much! it's my favorite.
she is the sweetest girl ever. she's such a love~bug
2 of jaiel's textures

p l a y
i don't do this a lot! honestly, i don't think i ever have. she eats raw chicken, so..
even after she's eaten i deprive myself from mukha kisses for some time, not very long though, probably an hour or so.
doesn't she have the sweetest face?
jaiel's + my texture

hugs n kisses

l o o k !

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