!warning! cute alert! cute alert!

each one of these photos is fun to meditate on, most of them seem to tell a story. mukha looks like she's playing a different character in every one. she's so wonderful!
i'm posting a lot because i love them all :)
photos were taken on 2 different days.
. day 2 .

. e s s e n c e .

essence of cute, essence of mukha, essence of weimaraner..
my favorite shot from both days, may be my favorite one ever..


. i n c o g n i t o .

so much emotion and thoughtfulness.
she really looks like an actress.
she's ready for a ride in a convertable :)


. ready for flight .

she reminds me of an airplane pilot..
she realized she didn't need to wear her sunglasses on an overcast day ;)


. little red riding weim .

big bad weim disguised as grandma disguised as little red riding hood?


. profile .

gorgeous from every angle ;)


. it's tough being famous .

she really has a talent for looking famous!


. day 1 .

. 'heyy! do i have anything in my teeth!? aaaahhh..!' .

yes silly girl, you have cookies caked in your teeth!
one of my favorite ones from the first day, but unfortunately she looks unkempt from her black teeth..
her teeth were actually cleaned a few weeks ago and they're really white! she had her tooth pulled recently and her gums are tender so i soak her cookies in water first and they stick in her teeth for a while, apparently.
this shot inspired me to do the shoot all over again. if it weren't for this shot, all photos from the second day wouldn't exist. so my favorite shot from that day wouldn't exist!


. s h i n o b i .

little ninja! great with the bamboo in the background, even though it might be hard to see and i cropped out most of it.


. b e d o u i n .

little desert dweller


. art critic 1 .

mukha looking mildly appalled.. maybe by someones distasteful art or fashion.
looks like she's talking under her breath about it to a friend nearby.

. art critic 2 .

i think she has sparked an interest in something: 'oh.. now, i do say, i like that..',
or she's asking a waiter if they serve her favorite expensive wine..


. ja man! .

something just seems rastafarian here



Cactus Diva said...

I am smitten by Mukha!
Each pic is more adorable than the last. She must have personality +.

L!S@ Z. said...

OMG! I love her! I have a 6yr old female weim and your Mukha looks a lot like my Keeley. :)